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Associated with the development of Thang Long - Hanoi in the past millennium, Thanh Xuan district are contained in his embrace a cultural heritage are abundant. The presence of the precious heritage that have demonstrated the cultural history of thousands of years of land southwest gate of the Citadel of Thang Long - Hanoi old.

As a spiritual masterpiece local area, since he flowers, Thanh Xuan district became one of the centers, the cradle of cultural convergence essence, then from here, the essence of culture is transmitted back radiating to all parts of the country. On the basis of tradition learned from this life, Thanh Xuan people have built their lifestyle habits and customs. The beauty that is reflected in the practice, in the relationship between individual behavior with the family, the community, the line between them, between the villages together and are higher in relation to national and nations. The current existence of the cultural heritage and intangible objects and activities through lively village festival is every day, every hour is confirmed restore sustainable vitality of the traditional elements good Who Grows on beautiful land - Three ancient Qiang in the industrialization - modernization of the country today.

If the location of the former Hanoi is located between two rivers full of history, with Hanoi:


Nhi Ha around North to East


Taurus Lich river side


Thanh Xuan District, the location is also within two lines Lich and Nhue Giang:


Fill a band circling River


Where the heroine was paralyzed Christmas


The process of industrialization and urbanization makes the ancient village of Thanh Xuan district has changed dramatically. That process has impacted negatively on all aspects of life of local people. Geographical fastest conversion to mention the village is located in the northeast of the county as the village Jiang China (Khuong Trung ward, Ward part Khuong Mai); The village Display (Phuong Liet Ward); Thuong Dinh village (Thuong Dinh Ward - part Ha Dinh). The village is situated in the northwest, southeast of the county as Nhan Chinh ward, ward Khuong Dinh, Ha Dinh, shift is somewhat slower. Yet the ancient village nature reserve is quite bold in daily life activities of the people in these localities. The southwest part of the county of the province of Thanh Xuan Bac Ward, Thanh Xuan Trung, Thanh Xuan Nam, part of the Government's ward where formation factories, enterprises and collective housing, apartment floor, where many residents from other parts flow switch back to live, so the traces of pond farms, villages round was much older, ancient village lifestyle in this locality so that gradually eroded.


Area 3 ring road, direction Thanh Tri Bridge is clearance, forming a new route Qu Duy Tien - Nguyen Xien. The residential area of the village's old Main, Ha Dinh, Kim Giang make way for the project to build apartment buildings, roads ... serve people's daily lives. Currently residential area of the old village area have become interwoven, clearly divided in two parts: the area of the old part of the village of Phuong Liet Ward, Khuong Dinh, Ha Dinh Khuong Trung, Nhan Chinh remain in the traditional sticky, from the clans, people living under the family gathered, in alleys, relationships within communities rather closely. Residential new build later in the province of Khuong Mai Ward, Kim Giang, Thuong Dinh, Thanh Xuan Bac, Thanh Xuan Trung, Thanh Xuan Nam and the Government's part, the majority of the housing assembly, collective, tall buildings closed separation and modern apartment.


All the above characteristics show a panoramic aspect of cultural and spiritual life of the communities in Thanh Xuan today, both reserved and promote the traditional cultural elements, both the integration of cultural elements modern, which more or less receptive culture from all regions of the country, forming a "complex" cultural diversity and richness.

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